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Get your flight department on the path to safety 

Crew Resource Management - Onsite Courses.

Airline Start-up Consulting.

Flight Operations Management.

Ground School Courses.

Airline Manuals.


Aviation Partners Limited has more than 53 years in aviation experience and is dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and products possible.


CRM training has been conceived to prevent aviation accidents by improving crew performance through better crew coordination.

Our CRM program encompasses air crew participants in an engaging and practical course of instruction which introduces Crew Resource Management principles, methods and  a practical application.

  • CRM Training
    (Crew Resource Management)

  • Airline Start-up Consulting

  • Ground School Training

  • Strategic Planning​

  • Aircraft Specifications

  • Aircraft Selection Process

  • Flight Operations Guidance

  • Flight Operation Manuals​​

  • Airline Manuals

  • Flight ​Operations Management​

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